2015 Organic & Sustainable Living Festival

The time is upon us to begin the planning of the 2015 Organic & Sustainable Living Festival, which will be held at NWEC’s headquarters and Community Garden in Penguin, on Saturday 7 March.
This is very exciting as next year marks the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the first ever “Organic” Festival, held at Tomahawk. Also, in honour of that anniversary, NWEC will be hosting the 12th Australasian Permaculture Convergence during the week following on from the Festival.
What we are seeking at this point in time, is people who would like to be involved in organising the Festival and/or the Permaculture Convergence. A meeting will be held at 207 Ironcliffe Rd Penguin, on Saturday 18th October at 3pm. If you can’t be at the meeting, please email julienorbury@gmail.com or phone 03 6425 6928, and I will arrange to talk to you individually.