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Fundraising dinner for our Southern friends

Disability, displaced people and climate change: fundraising for Fiona Strahan

Fiona Strahan has been invited to speak at the US Society for Disability Studies conference in Atlanta in June. Her presentation is called “Cracking the Silos: disability, displaced people, refugees and climate change”. It addresses important equity issues about both how climate change will disproportionately impact on people with disabilities, and how policy responses around refugees, disability and climate change need to be integrated.

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Fundraising dinner organised by Di Carter

Hi friends

My colleague and friend Fiona Strahan has been invited to speak at a disability conference in the US in June and it’s outside the scope of her work in aged care and CALD communities.

Her presentation will be about Cracking the Silos – the issues around disability, displaced people, refugees and climate change.

I strongly believe in Fiona and her advocacy in this space and hope you can support her by coming to a dinner to help fundraise towards her flights and accommodation.

The meal will be 3 courses and, knowing the amazing skills of Karen Goodwin-Roberts and her team, we will be in for a treat.

You can buy wine/alcohol/soft drinks on the night and the highlight (apart from the food, wine, camaraderie and a short talk by Fiona to share more about her presentation) will be an auction, which will be the focus of our fundraising.

I do hope you can come – and bring your friends. (I’ll need RSVPs).

Fundraising dinner to support Disability Advocate Fiona Strahan to attend the 28th Meeting of the Society for Disability Studies, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. as a Panel Speaker

Join us for Dinner & live auction*

$60 per person

Elizabeth St Food and Wine, Thursday, 28th May, 6:30 for 7pm

RSVP: Di Carter 0417 372 233