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More about EcoFest

Autumn is the perfect time for planting so while at the EcoFest why not visit some of our Stalls which are aimed at our gardens. Are you thinking of adding more indigenous plants to your own surrounds? Do you want to attract more bees and birds to your garden? Would you like to cut down on your water bills? Shaks from Forth Valley Bush Nursery will be at the Fest with a wonderful selection of plants – Tasmanian and those indigenous to the north-west for you to choose from.  Dee from Hobbie Herb will be there at her Stall with a huge selection of herbs – some familiar and some not so familiar. You may be surprised. Eileen and Robert Millet will advise on all things gardening and I believe they may have one or two seedlings available for the early bird. Visit the NWEC Stall and you’ll find packets of seeds which you can obtain for a simple donation. Have you heard of wild foods? Prefer eating to getting your hands in the dirt. Then pay a visit to Rees from Murnong Wild Food Garden and tantalise your taste buds with her many food samples.

Both Robert and Rees will be presenters at the Eco Exchange. For their times, check the timetable in your Program on the day.


Healthy Building Talk and Workshop

Some of the Topics the Workshop will cover:

  • What makes a building Unhealthy?
  • Where are the Health Hazards in home, office and daily life
  • What part of the Building is most important?
  • The imports for Home, school and Office!
  • Hazards  from Chemicals in Buildings and Environment
  • Healthy materials and Building methods
  • Technical Hazards like, EMR and other modern Technologies like the NBN and other
  • What about Building and the environment
  • Why spending the Extra Money on a healthy Building
  • Practical hints to improve a Building in more sustainable and Healthy way