Monthly Archives: January 2018

Natural Burial Discussion

This coming Wednesday the 31st, midday at the NWEC on Ironcliff Rd Penguin, all members are invited to a discussion on natural burial . Present will be Lyndal Thorne who understands the ins and outs of natural burial. She will be able to answer your questions.

Why is the NWEC hosting this discussion?

Natural burial sits very well with our efforts to support sustainable living and low impact on our environment. It is a rapidly growing movement across the world and the N.W Coast has many suitable sites.

This discussion is for us to learn about the natural burial movement and discuss how and if we could help progress this important movement.

We have a shared lunch every Wednesday at the centre so please bring a little lunch to share if you are coming.

Not a member? Not a problem. You can join up on the day, or go to the¬†Membership section of this website. It’s also possible to pay half your membership fee with CENTs if you are a CENTs member.

Hope to see you there.