About Us

The mission of the North-West Environment Centre is to inspire a new perspective on our relationship with the environment and each other so that we may all act to create a socially harmonious and ecologically sustainable future.

We are based on the north west coast of Tasmania and our projects run across this area.

The NWEC welcomes new members and volunteers

Committee Members – (AGM held 19 August 2017)

Email : secretary@nwec.org.au

  • President                    Anne Williams
  • Vice-President           Jenny Kingston
  • Treasurer                   Carol Donaghey
  • Secretary                    Michael Harries
  • Publicity Officer        unfilled
  • Public Officer            Michael Harries
  • Committee members Julie Norbury, Lisa Patterson, Horrie Hockings.

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2012 Annual report(1.8 MB)

2011 Annual Report (1.8 MB)

2010 annual report (9.7 MB)

2009 annual report (1.6 MB)

2008 annual report (4 MB)