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WANTED: Volunteers to help organise EcoFest 2018

Announcing the commencement of planning for EcoFest 2018, which will be held in April next year at the Ulverstone Wharf. To make this even bigger and better than 2017, we need volunteers to fill the following roles:

  • –Festival Coordinator – oversees the entire event planning and implementation process
  • –Site coordinator – the person in charge on the ground on the day
  • –Stallholder coordinator – liaison person with all stallholders
  • –Sponsorship coordinator – enlists and liaises with all festival sponsors
  • –Promotion coordinator – talks to the media and organises all promotion
  • –Social Media coordinator – could be a job for promotions, or a separate one
  • –Music coordinator – liaises with all our performance artists
  • –MC – introduces all our speakers on the day
  • –IT coordinator – in charge of making all the technology operate efficiently
  • –Finance Treasurer
  • –Children’s activity coordinator
  • –Planning committee members
  • –On-the-day volunteers to staff NWEC stall, hand out programs at the door, check facilites and help setup and packup

What do you get out of it? Learn valuable skills in event management, advance information re what’s on, free entry on the day, fun community and social networking and the chance to be part of the North-West’s biggest Sustainability event.


Open Heart Meditation Evening

A brief note to share with you the news about the FIRST Introduction to the Heart and Open Heart Meditation evening in Burnie this weekend (Sat) and the THIRD SONW in the NW (1st time in Burnie!!).  SONW stands for Secret of Natural Walking (not Secrets of the North West )

  1. The introduction to the Heart, the non-physical or spiritual heart is a 2-hour informal evening – open to anyone – to learn about this treasure inside all of us, its function, gift to us when used or used more and how easy, helpful and joyful meditation can be with the help of the heart.  It also includes a complete Heart Meditation session
  2. SONW (follow link for more info) is an immensely deep walking practice and workshop where attunements are given, similar to other energy-workshops.  Anyone can join.  Natural walking has often immediate positive impact on physical, emotional or mental issues.  Additionally it will support your meditation, yoga or other practices.
  3. A FIRST set of the profoundly and deeply touching, healing Open Heart workshops (Levels 1 & 2) are also schedule for May – please stay tuned.

Following some of your suggestions a heart-sharing-community facebook page was created titled “Open Heart Meditation – Heartful Living” to act as a sharing page … pls visit the page by following the above link to it, if you are ok to ‘like’ it, then you will see the regular heart-reminding posts and notifications of new venues, informal meditation get-togethers, regular events and upcoming workshops.

Here are dates, times and contact details:

  1. Heart and Open Heart Meditation evening (Cost: $7.50 – Conc. $5)
    Sat 25 April, 6:30pm-8:30pm; More info: Gill or Shar (as above).
  2. Secret of Natural Walking: (Cost: $150 – Conc. $115)
    Sun 26 April, 9:00am-4:00pm. More info: Cheynie (teacher) via; Shar (0427 161531) or Gill: or 0427 907779,
  3. Open Heart Workshops Level 1 & 2
    Workshops are schedules for 23 & 24 of May.  Please be in touch for any details by contacting Gill (above) Klaus –

All above events will be at the beautiful Flourish Health Therapies Centre (link to their site) located at Corner Wilmot & Mount Streets in Burnie J (on Level 1)

Would be wonderful to see you there or at any of our other events.



After a bit of organising I have great news!

I’m hosting a special one-time screening of the film “Frackman”, Wednesday May 13th at Metro Cinemas Burnie… 6-30pm – 8-03pm.

Thank you to those of you who signed the petition to prevent fracking in Tasmania and if possible, please share this with your friends and families so they can book their tickets so this viewing can go ahead.

This issue is important to me and I have heard first hand the devastating effects of this to our country and to fellow Queenslanders. I love Tasmania and feel the need to help protect it from the greed, and the devastating impact that this could have on our State and our farmlands.. For the future of our children I feel it necessary to inform people..

Knowledge is power, and with that, we can make informed decisions instead of listening to half truths feed to us via the media.

I’m so pleased to have secured this venue.. I would like to also thank the Wharf Hotel in Wynyard for their support and in offering the theatre space as a venue and the Film society for the equipment usage during my inquiries with Frackman in trying to get this movie to our community.

As I had a few things in the pipeline I’m pleased that after much persistence and perseverance that we are able to get this happening on the North West..

To reserve your tickets, please visit the Tugg Event Page here:

Unlike a traditional movie showing, my Tugg screening requires that 58 more tickets be reserved in the next 22 days in order for the screening to occur.

Movie trailer below

From Tracy Hohnke