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Earths Flavours

earthsflavoursEarths Flavours online fresh produce marketplace primarily deals in Agricultural, Horticultural and Aquacultural produce and products. Earths Flavours promotes and nurtures an economic win win relationship between consumers and fresh food producers. This relationship is achieved through establishing and maintaining a direct and robust link between consumers and local producers where possible. 

Earths Flavours eliminates all unnecessary food chain costs and processes currently in place and impacting both consumers and producers. Some of these include, packaging, marketing, central markets and supermarkets. Consumers will enjoy consistently fresher, tastier and usually cheaper local produce with a reduction in environmental impact and carbon footprint. 

Our goal is to provide consumers with more awareness of where their food comes from and how it is produced, or fished, leading to a greater appreciation and understanding of their local producers, fishermen and fisherwomen. All producers will enjoy increased local and national market exposure and awareness. Producers will have the opportunity to adapt to local consumer demand with subsequent sales and profits. Earths Flavours aims to stop or reduce the unnecessary and prolific dumping of delicious, saleable and profitable fresh produce and fish, encouraging increased local consumption, health and well-being.