Petition to save Tasmanian Solar Tariffs

Federally and locally, we are going backwards on renewable energy*. In the last year Tasmania went from being an exporter of renewable energy to a net importer of dirty Victorian brown-coal fired electricity. Nationally, production of renewable energy has reduced and carbon emissions from coal have increased since the abolition of the carbon tax.

Yet Australians overwhelmingly support renewable energy. Close to three-quarters of Australians think our nation should put more emphasis on producing domestic energy from solar power**. In Tasmania over 24,600 homes and businesses have invested in generating power from the sun.

Politician are out of step with the future citizens want. To help get the message to them, the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance has teamed up with Solar Citizens on a campaign to demand a fair go for solar.

Sign our petition to demand leadership from the Tasmanian and Federal Government to protect and grow solar.

By signing this petition you will be supporting both the Tasmanian Fair Go for Solar campaign and the national goals of Stand Up for Solar.

Please sign our petition now and pass this message on to your networks.

Thank you

Jack Gilding

Executive Officer, Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance