Spring Equinox Open Day 10am-4pm Sat 21 Sept

Hello all NWEC members
Its that time of the year again when we elect a new committee. Its also a day when we ask everyone to visit our garden, see what’s been growing and catch up with people.
We are calling it a Spring equinox Open Day 10 am to 4 pm Saturday 21 September. The meeting should be brief and will begin at 12 o’clock  followed by lunch at 1 pm.  Please bring something to share. We want to make a couple of changes to the constitution so there will be a very quick Special general meeting immediately prior to the AGM. The two changes we want to make are 1. Remove the auditor wording from the constitution because we are no longer required to have our books audited and 2. Remove the 3 year limit for any person to hold the same executive position (President, secretary etc) . The proposed amendments are attached to this email.
Any financial member can be nominated for the executive positions (President, vice president, treasurer, secretary) or simply as a committee member and all financial members can vote. A nomination form is attached to this email. 
Hope to see you there.